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"Mesut is a phenomenal player, one of these players that you buy to complete the puzzle of your team. You don’t need time with him, you need nothing. The player just arrives. His quality and his maturity and his leadership … you put him in and you know automatically your team becomes better."

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"Sergio Ramos is pushing himself to the limit, putting up with pain that would leave another player out of action. At the club they say that his pain threshold is 10 times greater than the other players and under normal circumstances, the pain he’s feeling, would force him to rest 15 days to recover fully […] Ramos hasn’t trained with his teammates for 12 days. But there he is. He’s played every game since he got injured. He always says the same thing: "I’m playing"." {x}

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El Real Madrid es un amor que se queda para siempre, como un tatuaje en el que cada detalle importa pero no el dolor que pueda provocar, porque eso se queda en el pasado como una anécdota y un aliciente más en el camino que tuvimos que recorrer para convertirnos en los más grandes, pero eso no es todo, nunca se es lo suficientemente grande para dejar de luchar.

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The personal, paternalistic leadership style of Bernabeu instilled in the club a simple ethos that resembled that of a religious order more than that of a political organization. The main elements consisted of a sense of austerity, hard work, humility and honesty. Real Madrid transmitted these values through its players onto the field, summarized in a term that has come to be known as señorío


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London, Metin Fejzula

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Reactions to Iker’s save in the mixed zone after the match against Schalke | 26-02-14
(© min. 7:35 on La Sexta’s Jugones)

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